School Bell Timer

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An Electronic system to ring bell in educational institutions at change of period, beginning and end of day and in industries to sound siren at change of shift & at lunch break.


  • Easy and user friendly to set up
  • Displays current time
  • Key Lock to protect unauthorised changes to settings
  • Automatic, no human dependency
  • Accurate, no delay with precise on duration
  • 60 Bell plans/period can be set up for a week
  • Bell duration ranging from 1 to 59 seconds
  • Same bell time on different days can be programmed as single entry/plan for group of days
  • Bell timing can be checked easily

Once Smart Bell is programmed with weeklys schedule and connect to an electric bell, the bell will ring as scheduled for set time week after week and for years.


  • Time Display: 4x 14mm RED LED's display the time in 24 hour format. Date and Month displayed at the change of every minute
  • Clock Settings: 4 user friendly soft keys for setting clock, programming bell time and setting bell on duration.
  • Output: 1 N/O switch contact for connecting to electric bell
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC +10%, 50Hz
  • Supply to clock: Powered by internal battery. Will show time when power supplied
  • Dimensions: 140x110x60mm
  • Weight: 1200 grams approx