Revolving Display  Table - 5Kg RT-5

Revolving Display Table - 5Kg RT-5

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ELEx offers systems for display your products more effectively to attract customer’s attraction by revolving them on slow speed. Simple system just plug in place your load on top of it & go for more views & enquiry. Also available for load of
10 Kg / 25 kg / 50 kg with or without electrical connection output.

1. Revolving Table 5Kg Model ERT-5

Elex Revolving table ERT-5 is small table to keep a load of 5-7 Kg & this will revolve continuously for displaying your products & attracting your customer’s towards it. It has a beautiful PVC extruded table top with top finished in velvet. The display revolves in clockwise & anticlockwise when ever power makes & breaks alternatively.

Application -Jewelry shops, Book store, Grocery Stores, Optical shops virtually anywhere, where display is prominent.


Technical Specifications

1. Input Aux Supply 230 V AC ±10%

2. Speed 4-5 RPM

3. Dimensions Dia-225 Ht-75mm

4. Top Velvet finished

5. Wattage 2 w

6. Weight 525 gm