ELEX Water Level Indicator 10 Level Indication LLI-10LED

ELEX Water Level Indicator 10 Level Indication LLI-10LED

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ELEX water level Indicator indicates water in a tank with 10 level indications. The indicator indicates water in 10 parts or 0-100%. The indicator can be selected to sound alarm (built-in) with relay change over to control motor or any electrical device.

Simple Installation: 

  1. Connect 230V AC at terminals marked Input supply “line” “neutral”
  2. Insert a PVC pipe to entire depth of a tank
  3. Take a multi core cable 12 wire cable
  4. Connect one common wire to terminal marked “Common” & fix it in the bottom most part of the tank. Now fix the other 10 probes on to entire length of PVC Pipe as per the desired level. We can divide the whole tank on % basis or in 10 parts
  5. Fix each probe say from terminal “1” to first part, terminal '2' to second part... or '1' to 10% '2' to 20% & so on...
Always keep the same wires in the tank & on the terminals.

If there is no water in tank, “Tank Empty” indication will glow. As soon as water starts filling up in the tank, the LED goes on glowing from 1st to 10th. Set level can be from 1 to 10 position and buzzer (inbuilt) will indicate full tank level. One can switch off the buzzer manually. At this condition (buzzer on) relay contact will also change over to switch OFF or ON.