ELEX Water Level Controller (Overhead & Underground tank) FDI

ELEX Water Level Controller (Overhead & Underground tank) FDI

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ELEX offers system to control water level in tank. This is a wall mount controller in sheet metal box with powder coated paint. The connections are easy with separate box for connecting Input & Output supplies along with tank connections. When the water level controller is connected to motor pump system, the pump would get ON automatically when water level drops from fixed low level & turns OFF when water level reaches the high level in overhead tank.

The controller will also monitor water supply position in underground tank. If the water in underground tank is below low level, it will not turn the pump ON to avoid dry running & switches it OFF when water level reaches higher level of overhead tank, thus preventing overflow of water.

Technical Specifications & Salient Features:

  • Set Lo & Hi level in one tank
  • Aux. 220V AC
  • Output 10Amp./220V AC or 1 NO + 1 NC potential free
  • Auto/Manual Switch
  • Epoxy sealed water level probe in S.S.
  • Electronic Circuit to restrain scaling on probe in salty water
  • Indications for Mains supply / Pump ON / Water level by Reserve & full level
  • Auto Manual switch to override the Automatic function
  • Emergency Off switch provided
  • Monitors both tanks Overhead & Underground
  • Will not allow motor to run when water level is below the low level of underground tank even if the water level is below the low level of overhead tank