ELEX® Steri-Air Roof

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Don't get fooled by the beauty of the exterior! Real innovation lies within!

This is a Ceiling / hanging fixture that has our patent-pending UVGI air sterilizer within. This air sterilizer is good for 100 - 150 sqft of the area and it recycles and disinfects the air 2 times in an hour. Our UVGI system runs in the background.

This can also replace your Air Purifier

The Ceiling / Hanging Air Purifier / Disinfection system, Elex® Steri Air Roof is our all-purpose fixture suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Its slim form factor fits right to any location that needs the most disinfection. At home it can be placed on the kitchen or dining area false ceiling where micro-organisms are mostly present.

In an office environment you may be able to put the Elex® Steri Air Roof on reception areas, meeting rooms, pantry and breakout areas as it is both decorative and functional. Basically, it is an air purifier disguised as a wall lamp that can be used almost anywhere! This can be mounted on wall Horizontly or vertically or Hanged from ceiling. 

Technical Features

s.no. Description  Details
1 Housing Sheet Metal Powder Coated
2 Mounting False Ceiling Grid fixing or Hang from ceiling
3 Filteration 2 filteration system

1. Dust Filter for dust particles of 10 microns or more

Electrostatic polyster

5 2. HEPA Filter for dust particles of more than 0.1 microns
8 UVC Lamp Source  5 lamps of 16 watt each 
9 UVC energy 6000-9000  µw / cm² for length of 600 mm
10 UVC energy in joules 9500 - 18000 µj in 0.5 sec
11 Area Coverage 150-200sqft
12 Air Exchange / Hour 2 times 
13 Colour Broken White
14 Dimensions 610mm x 610mm x 100mm
15 Weight

Net - 11 kg

Gross - 15 kg