ESCORP Emergency Light With LED Beam and LED Signage (English) ELB-22/ELB-22P

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Technical Specifications:
  • Aux. Supply: 220V AC
  • Charging Current: 500mA to 700mA (Boost)
  • Beam: LED BEAM 10 X2 =20 WATT
  • Beam ON/OFF: Individually ON or OFF
  • Beam light: Auto ON/OFF (Mains Fails)
  • Carrying Handle: Provided
  • Dimensions: 290x130x360 (mm)
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg (with Battery)
  • Duration: 3-4 Hour
  • Battery: 12V/7AH 

Additional Features:

  • Complete maintenance free emergency light
  • Solid state circuit for battery charging and constant current for driving LED beam & tubes
  • Battery - Maintenance free which is incorporated within sheet Metal/ABS cabinet.
  • Beautifully painted cabinet to match any decor
  • Complete freedom to install either vertically or horizontally or inclined
  • Deep discharge protection for the safety of the battery
  • Over charging of the battery is also protected
  • Can be kept permanently connected to AC mains for automatic operation in the event of power failure
  • ON/OFF switch with wire provided to remote ON OFF as desired
  • ALSO AVAILABLE WITH PANIC SWITCH   ----  Once the switch is pressed it will sound a in built high volume buzzer of 110 db in case of any emergency. This works on battery it self. This will work even if NO electricity is there.                      Model ELB-22P