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Emergency Light with Night Glow Signage & 2 fog lamps Halogen - ELB-11

Emergency Light with Night glow signage of EXIT which illuminates in dark. Two fog lamp with Halogen for emergency lighting

a) Complete maintenance free emergency light. 
b) Solid state circuit for battery charging and constant current for driving LED beam & tubes. 
c) Battery -Maintenance free which is incorporated within sheet Metal / ABS cabinet. 
d) Beautifully painted cabinet to match any decor.
e)Complete freedom to install either vertically or horizontally or inclined.
f) Deep discharge protection for the safety of the battery
g)Over charging of the battery is also protected.
h)Can be kept permanently connected to AC mains for automatic operation in the event of power failure.
I)ON/OFF switch with wire provided to remote ON OFF as desired

Technical Specification :
1. Aux. Supply 220V AC
2. Charging current 500mA to 700mA (Boost)
3. Beam Clear Beam for Light
4. Beam wattage 20W (Halogen - Yellow)
5. No. of Beams 20WX2
6. Beam ON/OFF Individually ON or OFF
7. Beam light Auto ON/OFF (Mains Fails / Resumes)
8. Carrying Handle Provided
9. Dimensions 290x130x(360mmHt)
10 Weight 5.5 Kg (with Battery)
11 Duration 1 Hrs