Downloadable Catalogues

The following links can make you download catalogues in pdf format. The prices & Technical details mentioned may or may not be same, since there is valuable feedback from our customers which help's us in improving the product technically asthetically. The price also may drop or increase. So always get confirmation before finalising orders.


Team Escorp 


Altimeter - To measure Altitude from Sea Level

Astronomical time switch

Auto Transfformer

Aviation Lights

Breath Analyser


Emergency Lights

Foot Switches

Hand Lamp

Hotwire Annemometer

LED Street Light

Milli Ohm & Micro Ohm Meters

PIR Sensors - To detect motion

Power Analyser

Revolving Tables & Display Systems

School Bell timer

Search Light


Signal Lamps & Pillar Lamp

Siren & Hooters

Tower Light

Traffic Lights

Twi light Switches

Water Level Controllers